Christine is a Certified Interior Decorator and the founder of Creative Home Design Group.

As a young girl, she found herself uncomfortable in the homes of her family which were professionally decorated but had that museum feel. " I think a lot of us can understand what it feels like to grow up with that 'look but don't touch' home were even the living room was roped off and only used for special occasions", laughs Christine.

When Christine found herself in a home of her own, she was inspired to break loose from that " museum" and create a home that was laced with style, comfort, beauty and peace. Family and friends were amazed at her natural talent to create a space that was beautiful, inviting and joyous to all. Before she knew it, she was being asked by friends to assist them in making their décor dreams come true. It didn't take Christine long to realize Interior decorating was more than just a hobby-it was a passion.

Christine believes no matter the size of the home or space, the style of décor should always reflect the individual or family who lives there and be a warm and inviting place. She takes great pride in transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.

Christine's passion shows in her work-although she doesn't like to call it work. "My Grandfather used to tell me you'll never work a day in your life if you love what you do and that's exactly how I feel." says Christine.

At Creative Home Design Group, Christine instills the belief that understanding the clients vision is the most important aspect of the whole design in order to achieve a functional, beautiful and well thought out space.


Christine has the added benefit in that she is also a licensed Realtor and can help find an investment property or a new home for clients if desired. As an added bonus, clients who choose to build or renovate don't need to look very far either. Christine also works side by side with a respected local builder who has been in the industry for over 25 years.